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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  February 3, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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rights hello, and welcome. these are the top stories. the steering and air strike -- syrian air strike mystery. was it protesters or police confusion about who beat up this contestant? 612 candidates with 612 seats and castro in charge. ad campaigns always held in the fight against cancer.
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>> i am live insuperable where the baltimore ravens are ahead on -- at the super bowl, where the baltimore radar ahead -- ravens are ahead and a power outage. >> first, the syrian president has warned israel is trying to destabilize his country. president assad broke his silence on the israeli air strike during a meeting with the foreign minister. assad said syria's military is capable of handling foreign aggression. that came as they give the first hint of israeli involvement. he did not admit out right but did say it means the the right to protect itself should be respected. >> if it is about what happened in serious several days ago, i
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keep telling them frankly we say we do not think it should be allowed to bring advanced systems into lebanon. >> there are still questions being out of what was hit during wednesday's attack. syrian st. helen -- state television broadcast these images and claimed a military research facility was destroyed, but they said the air strike was aimed at stopping a shipment of weapons to hezbollah in lebanon. a foreign policy analyst i spoke to earlier, asking if syria wanted to influence. >> israel will claim it does not want to intervene, that this was an action against militants, but
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if you look at israel's real strategy, if you put yourself in the shoes of the prime minister's national security advisers and you wanted to buttress the regime of the dictator assad because you prefer that to a democracy, the one action you would take would be an attack on the regime. it seems counterintuitive, but it is not. this lends legitimacy to bashar al-assad. from israel's perspective this seems likely. >> is it likely israel consulted washington before it attacked? >> my understanding is israel did not inform washington it was going to do this. the united states check the box and said, we support israel's right to defend itself. this was not israel defending itself. this was a pre-emptive action, and i just have to believe people in washington are quite
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disturbed by it. it came during hagel hearings and was politically calibrated to get the support of the u.s. senate. what can a president say? he is not going to denounce israel now? i am very suspicious of the motives of the attack. >> israel maintained the lorries they were attacking carried game changing weapons. does that make it all right? is anyone likely to criticize israel for taking this position? >> there is a lot of criticism from the middle east, and that can be expected. we have only israel's word to go on. i have seen no independent evidence to confirm what they claimed. i am sure from their perspective these surface air missiles they said they were
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interdicting might be a game changer, but they are only a game changer if israel is planning an attack on has the law or lebanon or further attacks on syria. -- on hezbollah or lebanon or further attacks on syria. >> he does not want another front, does he? >> i am not sure he has enough to strike back with. certainly under international law he would be in his legitimate rights to strike back. i do not think of is going to happen. he has enough on his own plate and his hands full with syria. the military is being degraded. i do not think we are going to see any kind of conventional attack by anyone on israel. they are the preeminent power in the middle east, and they are going to remain that way. >> violence and syria goes on despite talks of a political solution. activists say assyrian army air strike on the district in aleppo killed at least 16 people and
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injured more. >> this is the district, immediately after syrian government forces carried out an air strike. a missile allegedly hit a building. residents scramble to pull as many survivors and bodies out of the massive piles of rubble. >> there are dozens of an injured people. residential building has been attacked by a missile. >> they are still searching for family members. based on reports from activists and amateur videos like this one, there are indications the syrian government is increasingly resorting to aerial strikes. with no end to the conflict in sight, thousands of syrians are fleeing fighting. the united nations says there has been a dramatic spike to the number of syria and refugees in
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turkey and lebanon. the refugee camp is hosting over 75,000 people, and they are expanding. a second camp will open soon to cope with the influx. they never saw this coming. >> a new round of talks has been announced on iran's nuclear program. the minister told delegates negotiations would be held at the end of february and involve the u.s., china, russia, britain, france, and germany. he was also open to an offer from the united states for discussions. >> we have to make sure this time, and this is very fair to make sure the other
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side who comes with authentic intention, with fair and real intention. >> security forces in molly say the top commander has been caught. he was captured by an armed group near the nigerian border. last week france and mullion troops -- malian troups liberated three cities. an egyptian man who appears in a video being beaten by police has security forces -- says security forces made him change his story. he is shown being stripped and bundled into of them in cairo. on sunday he appeared on egyptian television saying protesters attacked him, but now he says it is the police. more from cairo. >> this story has gripped the country for the past two days, and much of it was happening
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live on television. it was friday when this man who was beaten up and humiliated, drive naked under the eyes of the egyptians or saturday when he appeared again saying this was the protesters who had beaten him up or again today when he appeared saying it was the police who beat him up. it caused a huge embarrassment for the government. they are saying, here is approved in the pudding. this is why we will keep the pressure from the streets. the government has been very quiet. we only heard from the interior ministry spokesman who did say he did apologize. he did take responsibility, and
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we did say there would be an investigation carried out. >> the least 15 people are being killed after an attack on a police headquarters in iraq. a suicide bomber who targeted, while gunmen stormed the building. >> it was an attack of the heart of security forces. a suicide bomber driving what looked like a police car at the gate of a compound in one of the busiest areas of the city. >> the building was totally destroyed by the blast. they also attacked with hand grenades, and police killed two of them. >> there were so many wounded some were taken to hospitals. many were so wounded the death toll is expected to rise. officials say the gunman had not been shot, then it would have
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been worse. it was not the first attack on the same police headquarters. a suicide bomber killed dozens and attack planes by al qaeda and iraq. no one has taken responsibility for this yet. mostk is the country's divided city, and people believed political turmoil is making it easier to launch attacks. >> activists in saudi arabia want punishment for crimes against women or children. the campaign refers to a assad the preacher who reportedly beat his 5-year-old daughter to death. is said to show a frequent guest on islamic television. he is said to have agreed to pay $50,000 in blood money to avoid the death sentence. activistomen's rights hopes the campaign will make more people aware of what is happening in the country to help
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change the laws as well. >> i see the point of it, but this is the murder. good it is not an accidental killing. >> it is obvious there is social media and other outlets, and this will affect women's rights in terms of people being more aware of what is happening in the country, and awareness hopefully brings change. >> still to come, we go inside and afghan prison as authorities try to convince al jazeera they are not used for torture. plus, friends are trying to save one theme from financial ruin. -- stands are trying to save one team from financial ruin. -- fans are trying to save one
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team from financial ruin. castro, the man who led the cuban revolution step down as president in 2008 because of ill health. the election is expected to head rose castro another term. -- raul pastor another term. >> on sunday he wanted to cast his ballot early in the morning. he said the elections are an important part of of holding the revolution. >> i remember well the days of capitalism, how rough it was for us. there was no mercy. the revolution has given me everything. >> cubans heading to the polls to vote.
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the main legislative body has 612 seats, and there were 612 candidates. this began last year when cubans have their only chance to choose between candidates. conditions later narrowed down the list to 612. they will convene on february 4 and are expected to name raul castro for president for another four years. the legislators are younger. there are now more women and cubans of african descent, but still the old guard continues to hold onto power. an example is they will also be part of the new assembly. he has taken over from his brother fidel in 2008. castro has taken steps to decentralize the economy. he has also lifted bans on
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personal freedom like the right to travel abroad, but many cubans say political reform is badly needed. >> for mean democracy is like when you vote for a president like chavez. you will push for the change you want in the country. >> for now the government insists cuba's one-party system will remain intact with the communist party responsible for guiding society. what impact they will have in the years ahead has yet to be seen. >> of fire has burned through a slum in bangladesh. more than 500 people have been made homeless after the blaze. nobody was killed. the government announced it will carry out an investigation into how it started.
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muslims in pakistan's province say they are being hunted while authorities look the other way. last month more than 100 people were killed in a series of bombings. from the provincial capital we have this report. >> for these men there are no words, yet this community warns this time it is for a police officer shot for being a muslim. each of the men have been shot fo. in a community of 800,000, and there is a big figure, and every month the violence continues. on january 10, massive bomb blast ripped through the streets killing over 100 people. 86 people have been found, and their bodies have been buried, but 17 are still missing. locals say they will never find them, but their bodies are
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disbursed far too wide. they are rebuilding, but it is felt in the community. they gather for our camera. two generations united in grief. last month his sister broke down. it was followed by even more tragedy. that's my mother was so upset. we tried to look after her. when she found out he was dead, she died. i am so angry when have done this to us. >> they live in fear of more attacks will come, fear that their children will be pulled off the buses and shot. offshoots of the group have claimed responsibility for all the attacks.
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one local leader is careful not to name the group of says if things do not change the results could tear pakistan apart. >> everyone knows they are very peaceful people. we are a peace-loving people. we never want to be involved in such activities. >> for people here it is not civil war but remembrances the occupied them. they place flags at the final resting place to signify they died of violence. 10 years ago scarcely a flag flew. today the flags grow in number. the ongoing u.s. defence secretary leon panetta has worn the political knives are out for his likely successors shall pay go. -- chuck hagel.
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was criticized when republicans hammered him with questions. he was criticized for what some call a controversial stance on iran and israel. >> what about when a secretary of defense is confronting -- what about the war on afghanistan? what about the war on terrorism? what about the budget sequestering? what about middle east turmoil? what about cyber attacks? all of the issues we did not see enough time spent on discussing these issues, and that is what counts. >> it is super bowl sunday and the biggest sporting event is going on longer than expected because of a power outage triggered a baltimore ravens were taking on the forty-niners. it is not merely a football game but a nationwide cultural extravaganza. an integral part of that experience are the parties. the u.s. snack food association
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shows americans are consuming 15,000 tons of snacks today alone. some of the items, 5,000 tons of and about 1,000 tons of nuts. the most staggering data comes from the national chicken council. americans will be feasting on of 1.2 3 billion portions of chicken wings. if the wings were placed side- by-side there would be long enough to circle the earth wise. -- twice. john is in new orleans where the games are being held. i understand this turned into a romantic evening. what is the state of play now? >> it is a bit dimly lit here. they have a little extra time to
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do that because there was a half-hour break due to the power outage. you can see the lights were out for a good while. they have just turned back on. that was a good break for the forty-niners, because they were favored to win by a few points. nevertheless, they have been routed. it is 28-6 now, and it looks like they may be gaining some momentum in the second half. >> this is more than just a single sporting event, isn't it? >> it is. it is a cultural phenomenon. if you do not like sports, this is a beyonce concert. she does have a reunion with destiny's child. a lot of people watch the game for the advertisements. companies end up paying $4 million for a 30-second ad as
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one of the reason so many people watch this game, an estimated 111 million people in this country alone. >> an important day or night for new orleans. there was a power outage, but people will see a city in recovery or having recovered, and will they? >> yes, if the power outage had not been an extent -- an external problem, ithat would have been a real problem. the dome is a bit of a symbol of the recovery of new orleans. this superdome was used to house 20,000 people who were homeless after hurricane katrina swept through the town. not only is the super dome back, they are seeing a return of people, and the super bowl is
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happening at the middle of mardi gras. we have got a lot of money coming back into the town, and this is the showcase event. >> finally, the latest score. >> 28-6. there is not a lot of love in san francisco now. our group of cowboys are sitting around a fire reciting a poem or two. robert reynolds has been catching up with modern-day cowboys working to keep their form of artistic expression alive. >> the script about a lively tune of around the dance floor at a gathering -- they scrape out a lively tune around the dance floor at a gathering. the gathering is held each been year in nevada, a town that
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takes cowboy heritage very seriously. it is a little known fact that generations of cowboys have composed verses celebrating the land and way they live. >> for us to maintain our traditions gunman and cultural values, -- our traditions and cultural values, our species will be stronger if we hang on to those things. if we all hang on to the same things, we are going to be in trouble. >> nobody knows how many cowboys work the cattle ranches of the west. the best estimate is around 5000. modern-day cowboys still need the skills honed 5 buckaroos of olden days in a place that can
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be stunningly beautiful yet harsh and unforgiving of the same time. >> people have been talking about the demise of the cowboy and how things change. the way we are doing it is not different from how it was done 100 years ago. >> it is scenes like these but inspire cowboy poetry. the cowboy poetry tradition probably got started on bitter cold winter days like this one, when it was too cold to do work outside. they entertain themselves by composing stories and poems and songs. there are other forms of entertainment available, but cowboy culture remained strong in the west. >> the man on horseback those
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laughing. >> a unique style of poetry and a way of life surviving into a new generation. >> still to come, as somalia tries to rebuild, we speak to the president on his vision for the future and why some people are watching television in black and white. we will have details. let's hello, the weather is calmer now for many of us across australia. there is a handful of showers in the east and a couple more as we had through the day on tuesday, but other than that mostly dry
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and settled. it is incredibly hot in perth. the temperatures here have eased up a bit as well. as we head across to new zealand, it has been incredibly wet over the next couple hours. we are seeing the what whether go east word. for the south island it will clear during the day. as we head to the southeastern parts of asia, plenty of showers, particularly in the southern parts. those stores are still with us as we head to the day on tuesday, but in the northern parts it is not fair into badly. -- staring too badly. to the north there are more clouds, and that has to be developing over the next couple days.
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it will be heavy of it -- as it pushes its way to the east. >> welcome back to the top stories on al jazeera. israel cost defense minister could be responsible for the attack inside of syria. bashar al-assad and his silence. at least 15 people have been killed in an attack in iraq. they tried to storm the building after a suicide car bomber drove his vehicle through the main gate. the blackout that caused a half- hour delay. they are on again now. the play resumed a short time ago. the baltimore ravens are
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leading by a substantial margin. the afghan government has invited al jazeera into one of its prisons after human rights watch criticized its record. the rejected allegations they periodically torture prisoners. >> this afghan detention center holds people who accused of threatening national security. afghans are trying to disprove claims of torture. they showed us prisoners taking losses on subjects like islamic rice -- islamic rights. the abuse is systematic, citing 14 different kinds of torture and mistreatment across the country. afghan officials called the report unfair and unfounded. >> in the two months i have been here i have not heard of anyone
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who has been tortured. beenr interrogation's have honest. even the lawyer made sure i was ready it for questioning. but the reports have been strongly criticized by the afghan government. he says the un should turn over the names of the prisoners who allege did abuse. >> when they compiled the report they did not share supporting documents with us so we could respond or fix it if we saw anything against human rights or the constitution. the report was one-sided. >> human rights campaigners say allegations like this have come up consistently for a decade and the government needs to take steps to respond. i think the report provides a lot of the dow and the un has provided an additional detail in meeting with -- a lot of detail, and the u.n. has provided additional details.
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the afghan president has ordered an investigation, but it is criticized for not including experts from afghan or international human rights organizations. rights groups say the underlying problem is the weak justice system. it relies heavily on confessions to secure convictions. what the somali president is in europe, where he is trying to persuade leaders to invest in somalia. he says his new government urgently needs assistance to help build strong state institutions after decades of violence. somalia has been an effective government since 1991 when the regime fell. a civil war followed. the u.s.-led opposition restored hope. it was a mission to deliver aid. it failed, and the un pullout in
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1995. a few years later security remains a problem. in 2011 also bob was forced out of mogadishu. -- al-shabaab was forced out of mogadishu. the president promised to reform the judiciary, so they ask whether or not more investigations into the killings of journalists and crime against women. >> we are in office for five months only. i know in the history of somalia and has been the most secure place in the african continent. i am disappointed, but the reality on the ground sometimes dictates this, and we cannot do what we want to this one is a
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weak one. i am disappointed. what i know is we have a legal system. it is the issue of capacity, but even with that system, if i am elected president i have the right to interfere. >> many feel that the election could provoke more tribal violence like in 2007. 1000 people were killed that year. elections in kenya have become a battle for survival in some communities. >> the campaign caravan. he is from the community, and that matters. human rights groups say candidates have decided to drive
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its rival groups out. he says he is a victim. >> he is trying to separate me from my supporters. it is like i am part of both sides. >> they celebrate their candidate. >> it is a problem of the whole country. conflict will be there. a big way to solve the conflict is to share the sources equally. >> this is what those conflicts look like. they set fire to 20 huts and killed 11 people, most of them
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women and children. only now are the villagers cautiously returning. it would be a mistake to see what happened here with politics aside. in an election we are getting representatives, but it is not the same tune access memory did the same as access to government resources. -- it is not the same as access to government resources. this is the first time they have .een backe she lost everything in the fire. this is what she says when i asked what happened if an orma was elected. >> the last time we elected one in the fighting started. >> as an explicit seem to be widening.
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-- ethnic splits seem to be widening. >> in a dramatic arrest, a british police used a stun gun on a man outside buckingham palace. they were shocked when a man walked up holding a knife to his throat. it is believed he had two knives, and police eventually disarmed him. the pakistani schoolgirl shot in the head by the taliban has had major surgery and in the u.k. she was airlifted to britain in october after being targeted for promoting growth and education. doctors worked on reconstructing her skull and restoring hearing. they say she is making good progress. successful projects raise awareness and millions of
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dollars. it does not necessarily help the cause. >> inside a small london shop, something rather peculiar is going on. and walnuts are meeting their doom and one by one. this is a hard edge of their battle against prostate cancer in the u.k. chris adams has the disease and is the trustee for the charity. >> there has been a significant increase in the awareness of prostate cancer. we have not cracked a walnut and yet, but we are working on it. >> smashing nuts may seem like an odd way to fight the disease, but so is growing a mustache or getting a 69-year-old grammy on
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board or dressing up in costumes to run yourself to exhaustion. these are always charities have chosen to get themselves notice. it is very business minded, and is working. >> they try to build an identity. they are trying to engage with you, so the same way charities are trying to engage with you in the same way. >> the success of a good campaign can skew the cancer funding landscape. pancreatic cancer and leukemia have similar incident rates, 8400 year for pancreatic and 8200 year for leukemia, but the latest figures show leukemia received nearly 15% of sites this of research funding,
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whereas henry a big cancer got just 2%. -- pancreatic cancer got just 2%. >> research funding doubled, but some charities feel they are not getting their fair share. but the spanish opposition leaders called on the prime minister rajoy te'o resign after allegations of corruption. protesters fought with police in madrid. a newspaper published a report alleging the party accepted secret payments from a business group accused of corruption. the prime minister said the report is false. former prime minister is given a standing ovation after another property tax. part of austerity measures put in place by the government to reduce the massive debt.
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he promised sweeping tax cuts if he wins next month's election. >> i will be fighting a next great battle to extend freedom and held it in a state of the gloomy prospect for upon it. >> in terms of economic crisis, people often turn to sports for well-being. think both sea biscuit. even when -- increase even the oldest football club is falling victim to recession. die-hard fans may not be enough to save the team from financial failure. >> the team is everything to these fans. they call it an addiction, a sickness, but lately it is the team itself that is sick.
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some of the best players have signed up with rival teams. the rest are unhappy, and they are losing matches in the closing minutes through what seems like carelessness. >> they continue to have strong players with expensive contracts. we are going to try to reduce their contract to make the team viable. we are talking about 50%. otherwise they will go bankrupt. >> like the rest of greece, they are cutting down on expenses whenever they karen. >> the team spends $1.5 million a month rent in the olympic stadium, money it can ill afford, and the 3000 fans it manages to rustle up look paltry on television and a stadium built for 70,000, so he is going to leave this facility and move back to the historic home ground in the city center.
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it once sported greece's first pitch and stadium lighting but is an antiquated monument. that does not seem to bother hard-core fans whose clubhouse is just down the road. >> for france it can only be a good thing. -- for fans it can only be a good thing. >> for $35 million in debt they are already bankrupt. its greek owner has put it up for sale. ♪ the nonprofit alliance was launched last year to show on -- to sell shares to the fan base, but 10 months later burly 9000 people have signed up, bringing in just over $3 million. these fans say the money will end up in the pockets of the outgoing owners, whom they blame
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for mismanagement, but they have not given up hope. a team whose lucky number is 13 may still be capable of surprises. >> more sports to come, including house cycling is going to look in the future -- how cycling is going to look in the future. ♪
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♪ >> it has been 40 years since color television was introduced, but not everyone has switched over.
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jessica tells us why some people prefer some things to remain simply black-and-white. >> the main issues in europe and -- >> do not adjust your television. do not worry. there is nothing wrong. john thompson just prefers to watch television in black and white. >> it seems less trivial as there are more channels to settle down and watch a vintage black-and-white television -- it seems as if you are doing something special. >> he is not alone. more than 13,000 people are tuning in black and white. in britain you must pay a television tax. the money goes to pay the state broadcaster, so black-and-white television like this will cost $78 versus $230 for color. some of these sets in a museum in south london date back to 1936 when television began, but there were only a handful, so
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expensive only the rich could watch, and that could be dangerous. >> there were a lot of early television. they are near the window and the curtains. it would overheat and catch fire. >> most people were intent with their radios before queen elizabeth ii in 1943, which historians say really kicked off. color television arise in the 1960's, and most of america has never looked back. he does not want to forget now the early days of television. >> we are determined as a group of what has gone before should not be lost and forgotten. >> fellow enthusiasts are trying to get the old gear up and running. the goal of once again broadcasting and who in black
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and white. but the man who has etched his name in history with a children's toy. the creator of the etch a sketch has died in france. it allowed children to draw whatever they wanted by twisting styles. he invented it in the 1950's, originally naming it the magic screen. the beautiful who did the beauty was that you could erase your drawings. -- the beauty was that you could raise your drawings. the san francisco 49ers have turned their game around. the baltimore ravens are facing a 49ers in new orleans, and they lead 23 in the third quarter. let's go back to our correspondent live in new orleans. the power outage gave the
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californians a chance to regroup. >> something has happened to the san francisco 49ers. they were dominated in the first half of this game. in the second half they have come back with points in short order. they have absolutely dominated since then. they have turned it into a competitive match. there are all kinds of theories about this. we were talking to fans who speculated collin kaepernick the quarterback was shaken by being in his first super bowl, and it is possible that break gave him the opportunity to recapture his spirit, but that is sheer speculation. the 49ers have turned this into a competitive match for the first several minutes of the second half. >> thank you for that.
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news of the rest of the sport. >> thanks very much. nigeria will face malia. they defeated the ivory coast in the quarterfinals. >> fans are very happy. 1-0 in the first half. they came back. with just over 10 minutes ago, it was a very bad sunday. they go into the semifinal against molly. -- mali. the ivory coast getting no closer to win it.
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nigeria goes one step closer to the final perio. >> the boys showed character. you have to fight, fight. whacks burkina faso and -- >> birkhead of foster reached the finals for the first time since 1998. burkina faso will face, on wednesday. barcelona has been held to a draw in valencia. they were looking to increase their 11-point lead. an accurate finish for valencia after 33 minutes. top marksman with the equalizer.
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he is judged to have been filed in the box. his 34 of the season, with the final score, 1-0. in italy, a three-point lead after winning, 2-0. the first half went this way. the home team, 2-0 up. a penalty in the second half. he scores in the fifth minute. mario scored twice on his debut after his $26 million moved from manchester city. the strike in the first half and a penalty of them win, 2-1.
11:52 pm
the defending league has been held to a draw with liverpool. the equalizer earn. but will be little comfort in who to the manager. his team now dropped nine points below manchester united. >> i think they would recover. i think the season is long. >> pakistan is making south africa work for the win after day 3. south africa added 68 runs. the visitors are needing 480 for
11:53 pm
a victory. pakistan looks to be in trouble, but they need to hundred 97 to win with six wickets remaining. -- 297 to win with six wickets remaining. the lakers blew an 18-point third quarter lead. 23 points and 10 rebounds. kobe bryant added 18 more. the lakers won five of their last six games. scotland's stephen gallagher has ended his nine-year title drought after winning the divine desert classic. he led going into the final round, and thanks to his fifth eagle finish three shots ahead of south africa's richard stern. it was the first tour victory since winning at st. andrews in 2004.
11:54 pm
canada has upset spain. myles won the decisive four games to give the home team an unassailable lead. walker has won the first stage in qatar. it is normally used as preparation for the classics. they are trying to use it to put the controversy of the sport behind them. >> cycling is trying to draw a line in the dopings scandal. they are trying to get on with their day jobs. >> i did not have anything to do with armstrong, but it is hard to handle a situation, and we try our best and keep doing what we are doing and doing sports,
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and that is the future of cycling. >> our focus on myself and the team. >> some writers even refused to be asked about the affair. -- riders even refused to be asked about the affair. are there differences between your new team and your old team? >> one is from belgium, and the other is from the u.k. you feel this kind of weight. >> the writers are trying to forget about drugs, cheating, and lance armstrong. they are going to be covering 700 kilometers in the first race. it is 145 kilometers. the team set off from johan with the most successful writer --
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from doha with the most successful rider. they did not appear to affect the outcome. the american was winning a sprint finish. sprint finish.
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